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✨ Astrology & Akashic Records Personal Readings

Why?  Because this is no time to hesitate.  We are here for a short stay and it is our birthright to enjoy this life, even while the world continues to move through deep states of chaos.  You get to magnetize the reality you came here to live.  We are here to be magnificent creators, but we have been limited by constant programming around us.  No more.  We are revolutionizing our experience here and now.  I’m ready and with you.

To check more about Lori, her mission and her offerings head over to her full website at

Lori's Soul Mission light note to you…

“I help people get unstuck in their lives by instantly and powerfully dismantling the limitation mindsets and belief systems that have been resurrected by a lineage, culture and wounding that keeps us disconnected and unwell.  I am here as your biggest cheerleader into your full light and vibrancy.  I am your pep team that breaks the shackles that have kept your light dimmed.  I am the conduit to a cosmic support team and guidance that wants you to accelerate in quantum leaps in spiral directions from all possibilities with messages in your highest good.  You will leave our time together with profound epiphanies and enlightenments that will propel you in your soul growth and on the path that you were meant to thrive in.  This is not only an investment in your alignment, it is an investment in every area of your life experience from this moment forward!”

What others say...

"THANK YOU for an incredible oracle reading session. From the first moment, our energies were aligned, and you were able to offer guidance to the questions I've long been pondering - while also affirming the voice within me nudging me on my path. The accuracy gave me chills, quite honestly. This session was the very best thing I could have done for myself to start off this year. Your bright energy was infectious! THANK YOU. I cannot wait for another reading."
Emily H.

"Hello beautiful Lori!  I'm messaging you today from my new account I created for what I know will be my new chapter! I had a reading with you in April and you lit that fire in my soul to self-publish my children's book and look for my illustrator that will match my vibration and girrrrrrl you know I found it and did it all!!!!!!!"
Lacey Boucher
"Goodnight World: A Letter For You"

"I had to let you know that after we had our zoom session I got 3 new clients for my business that week, and no callbacks from any of the jobs I interviewed for LOL. Spirit is being pretty clear and I surrender to the flow. Thanks for helping me destroy fear culture. I had deep healing activations surrounding my sacral chakra & third eye following that, needing to step into a place of worth & visibility. I feel the shift, for sure."
Bri C. 

"I feel that our reading was a portal, it was medicine in every sense, it was gentle and healing, but also a sledgehammer!  It busted up a lot of stuff that needed to be broken up to clear out.  The thing is, the reading is still unfolding, DEEPLY.  Quietly, but also with a powerful and positive strength of force.  Also, I can feel there is much more to come from this one reading.  It is still taking root.  I can tell that it has not even fully bloomed yet!"
Suzanne T.

"A note to say THANK YOU again for our session, it was so great to connect with you.  I truly appreciated every second of our conversation and left feeling supported and energized!  You are love!  Your direct, get-to-the-point approach is very good and necessary for me."

"I HIGHLY recommend getting a reading from Lori. It is worth SO MUCH more then what she charges. The wisdom and love she pours into it is priceless.  I’ve been “working“ on myself for a very long time and I’ve been trying to do it all on my own. Now I have the support."
All fire Baby

"Thanks again for that!  It was super insightful and I was blown away from some of the intuitive messages that you got.  I feel energized and you’re making sense of all the chaos right now!"

Reading Options

  • 60- Minute Personal Reading
  • 90- Minute Personal Reading

Some questions to feel if this may be the perfect soul investment at this time for guidance and support:

  • Do you feel stuck in your life?
  • Would you like to hear more about your cosmic imprint and soul contract with this life through the intuitive lens of your astrological natal chart?
  • Are you ready to take charge of your spiritual alignment to manifest and create the energy and life that flows with Source Energy?
  • Do you have a nagging voice tapping on your soul that there is more for you, but feel unsure about how to manifest it?
  • Do you feel held down by belief systems or judgements that never really came from you?
  • Are you exhausted from living a life that is not in alignment with your soul?
  • Do you feel like you keep yourself small to create comfort for those around you?
  • Are you ready to get to the root of the lower mind loops and triggers you’ve been living from?
  • Do you feel like you have always been different or never really fit in?
  • Are you curious about ancestral wounds and cellular trauma?
  • Do you have a hard time accessing or maintaining a state of relaxation?
  • Is meditation overwhelming for you to begin?
  • Do you feel unseen in the world of medicine?
  • Are you ready to step into your FULL LIGHT AND SOVEREIGN SELF without the expectations and energies of others holding you back?

✨ Lori is here to support you! Think of her as a matchmaker for divine life path alignment. With over two decades in the health and wellness community as a trauma-informed healing artist, transpersonal hypnotherapy, guided meditation, astrology energy alchemist, deep spiritual gifts in psychic mediumship, intuitive messages and guidance, embodied ascension, ritual support, hundreds of hours of continuing education and a personal 17 year journey into functional medicine, she is ready to share a most unique experience for you in your alignment beyond the cultural conditioning and programming.  She’s your biggest cheerleader and will support your journey to remembering all the medical intuitive wisdom, soul alignment and magic within!  As an eternal student of evolutionary and intuitive astrology, she brings your natal chart in through the intuitive energies that want to be known and worked with at this time in your journey.  She will co-create a new earth kind of cellular light living with you, our guides and the deep DNA wisdom that has been waiting to shine…

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  • Before you book a reading...  Readings will open big potentials and opportunities for soul growth.  They are not designed to confirm where you are since we are not designed to remain stagnant as humans.  Ask your soul not only if you ready to hear these opportunities, are you ready to receive them?

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Make sure this is in alignment for you at this time. If you have questions please contact Lori prior to purchasing a reading at

Medical Disclaimer
This reading and Lori Reising do not replace conventional medical advice and/or treatment.  They do, however, amplify the innate healing potential and abilities you came into your human vehicle and body with! 💫

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