Healing Light Bubble Practice, Audio Download

Time Stamp to begin light bubble practice --> 14.50

Welcome to a guided practice in your healing light bubble mastery!  This is one of THE most important New Earth skills in light work and manifestation.  This is how we create the life of ease, abundance and joy we were meant to come here and live.  It is critical to be intentional with this practice until it is an immediate response to stress, tension, triggers, disconnect, overwhelm, anxiety and more.  It is also how we share healing with our friends, loved ones and the greater collective.  WE ARE POWERFUL LIGHT MASTERS and y'all light and belief are our greatest superpowers moving forward.✨✨✨

Download this and have it available offline, transfer it into an easy folder to find and experience deep shifts in your trust, divine unfolding and higher consciousness activation!  


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BONUS MODULE, Healing Light Bubble Guidance, Audio Download

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