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Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course

Are you ready to draw from a grounded and centered well every single day, no matter how deep the chaos gets around you?

Are you ready to be curious about possibilities rather than react to circumstances?

Are you ready to reawaken your connection to your ancestors, guides, angels and the divine?

Are you ready to unlock and release emotional, karmic and physical trauma from your DNA and cells?

Are you ready to embody your root and sacral chakras, connect to your innate nature and unleash your ancient wisdom codes through pelvic bowl exploration and actuation?

Are you ready to be the curator of your experience here and now?
If this feels SO GOOD to you.
If this SPEAKS to your cells.
If you want to hear MORE.

If your answer is a resounding YES...

than you are READY to


You get FOREVER access to replays, bonuses and additional exchanges and material for the life of this course, as well as every yearly LIVE ITERATION of the course in Scorpio season, when we are asked to excavate the wounds,, triggers and core wounds for healing and transformation to move our cells from density to light.

Once you are in the container, you are in FOR LIFE!

This is an investment that keeps on giving year after year because I will continue to build on it and be relentless in your full potential of your divinity, mastery and aligned manifestation...

"The value of this course is pretty unreal. How much my life and energy have shifted over these past few months has been incredible. I feel more accountable for myself then I have ever felt and with that I'm sure you know comes a deep sense of empowerment! I feel so grateful to be adding these teachings to my healing arsenal and going forward in life from this new space is super exciting. You've inspired me to seek out some pelvic bowl healing and body release work in the future. Thank you for all that you're doing, sharing, living, and breathing. I deeply appreciate you and your work."
Yvonne V. 

You won't regret investing in the course with Lori 💫. It's LIFE CHANGING and has fundamental guidance and techniques that are KEY to up-leveling your life and thriving in the new earth that we are all co-creating 🌏. There is NOTHING else like this out there 💛
Jamie C.

✨ Astrology & Akashic Records Personal Readings

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or curious about the infinite potential and possibility awaiting you in your life? If it’s a yes or even if it’s a maybe, now is the time to make the investment in yourself with a psychic medium, astrology and oracle card reading.  Why?  Because this is no time to hesitate.  We are here for a short stay and it is our birthright to enjoy this life, even while the world continues to move through deep states of chaos.  You get to magnetize the reality you came here to live.  We are here to be magnificent creators, but we have been limited by constant programming around us.  No more.  We are revolutionizing our experience here and now.  I’m ready and with you.

Lori's Soul Mission light note to you…

“I help people get unstuck in their lives by instantly and powerfully dismantling the limitation mindsets and belief systems that have been resurrected by a lineage, culture and wounding that keeps us disconnected and unwell.  I am here as your biggest cheerleader into your full light and vibrancy.  I am your pep team that breaks the shackles that have kept your light dimmed.  I am the conduit to a cosmic support team and guidance that wants you to accelerate in quantum leaps in spiral directions from all possibilities with messages in your highest good.  You will leave our time together with profound epiphanies and enlightenments that will propel you in your soul growth and on the path that you were meant to thrive in.  This is not only an investment in your alignment, it is an investment in every area of your life experience from this moment forward!”

What others say...

"THANK YOU for an incredible oracle reading session. From the first moment, our energies were aligned, and you were able to offer guidance to the questions I've long been pondering - while also affirming the voice within me nudging me on my path. The accuracy gave me chills, quite honestly. This session was the very best thing I could have done for myself to start off this year. Your bright energy was infectious! THANK YOU. I cannot wait for another reading."
Emily H.

"Hello beautiful Lori!  I'm messaging you today from my new account I created for what I know will be my new chapter! I had a reading with you in April and you lit that fire in my soul to self-publish my children's book and look for my illustrator that will match my vibration and girrrrrrl you know I found it and did it all!!!!!!!"
Lacey Boucher
"Goodnight World: A Letter For You"

"I had to let you know that after we had our zoom session I got 3 new clients for my business that week, and no callbacks from any of the jobs I interviewed for LOL. Spirit is being pretty clear and I surrender to the flow. Thanks for helping me destroy fear culture. I had deep healing activations surrounding my sacral chakra & third eye following that, needing to step into a place of worth & visibility. I feel the shift, for sure."
Bri C.

To check more about Lori, her mission and her offerings head over to her full website at www.therawandwildhearts.com

The Wild Heart Ones Circle Monthly Membership

Welcome to a new level of soul-inspired quantum leaps with a
monthly membership  that guides you through the
wild, magical ride of this human journey into who it is that you came here to be.  We will move into a full embodied experience where you will rediscover the expansion in alignment, ascension and evolution.
The New Earth is awakening and so are you!

When you fully participate in your life, when you create from intention, when you enthusiastically practice what you are manifesting, your life will unfold in divine ways from a place of ease, clarity and joy!
Let's do it together.
We don't have time not to.

I've built the container and now you get to open the door!

  • New Moon Ceremony at 9:30 am PST/11:30 am CST
  • Full Moon Ceremony at 9:30 am PST/11:30 am CST
  • →All calls recorded and uploaded the same day for replay
    →$25/monthly (launch price!)


Awaken Your Fire is a week-long sacred immersion for women who are ready to rise their Phoenix from the ashes of a suppressed and traumatized lineage into the infinite light that they are here to shine!

✨The Spiritual Awakening and New Earth Energies are undeniable, from the Schumann Resonance to the light flares and coronal mass ejections to the energies of the Age of Aquarius. ~
✨ We are sensing, experiencing and integrating multidimensionality in historical waves.
✨ We have been moving through deep change personally and collectively. 
✨ We have a tremendous opportunity to harness these energies and move into alignment and flow.  We hold the full access point through our body, through our cells and from flow.
✨ How do we work with them and release the programmed belief systems that have been creating enormous limitation, sacrifice, fear and resistance? 
✨ How do we make deep connections for our highest good and guidance from our higher consciousness, guides and star beings?
✨ How do we live in our full divine calling and co-creation with a Universal Source Energy from trust and intention?
✨ By gathering, by sitting in ceremony and being deeply present, by destroying the programming and conditioning, by transforming our karma and trauma through full divine presence and embodiment, by living in cellular activation, by becoming deeply intimate and authentic with our full experience, by learning to unlearn and by

Awakening Our Fire Within.
Get ready for a transformation that you have always been moving toward!

February 20th - 26th,  2024
Pachamama Mexico Eco-Luxury Retreat Space
7 days, 6 nights
ALL INCLUSIVE with the exception of airfare, travel insurance and gratuities
Sweat ceremony bonus option!

For more AMAZING details OR to book a FREE 15-minute exploration call with me visit Awaken Your Fire Mexico Retreat

To register click the button below 'I'm so In.  Let's Get This Party Started!'

"Wow, whoah, wtf!?  I knew I was going to have a good experience at this retreat and also had no idea what was really in store.  I'm overwhelmed with your passion, connection to the divine, talent at leading a group and designing an experience.  It has truly been life changing, cell upgrading!  I will forever be grateful to you for opening my eyes in so many ways, being such an amazing and safe support on this journey!"
Leah S.

"You are EXACTLY the piece of the puzzle I have been missing in my life, in my personal development, in finding a way to create something tangible that has never existed, especially as it relates to grief held within the body."
Kara M.

"You, my friend, are PURE JOY! Throughout this entire workshop retreat I have felt like you have been speaking DIRECTLY to me! I have not been able to embody much at all for MOST of my life because I have been cerebrally conditioned my WHOLE life. You are EXACTLY the guide my soul needs and has needed for a very long time that my mind never even knew I needed. EVERY TIME you speak or lead an activity, I find myself inside screaming, “YES!!!!!”
Amy B.

Early Bird prices through May 1st 2023!  

After May 1st...

Single Room Option goes from $3399 --> $3499
Shared Room Option goes from $3000 --> $3100

Pay in full discount still applies
If you would like an extra $50 off, venmo payment is available!  Email me at therawandwildhearts@gmail.com

Embodied Consciousness Workshop

How would it feel to not only be in tune with your innate body consciousness and guidance (that is always interacting with you in your highest good), but to easily accept and respond to those messages for more joy and ease in your human journey!?

Welcome to the doorway, you get to choose if you step in... In the Embodied Consciousness Workshop, we begin with a powerful ceremony, ritual and intention setting practice...for a reason! We are ritualistic beings and it is from intentional ritual that we create limitless belief systems, possibilities and begin tapping into our innate potential and the ancient encoded wisdom that is within us all.

We are going to learn fun and effective techniques to access the innate truth of consciousness, the universal field of energy that we are all connected to, so you can reawaken and strengthen your psychic connection, intuitive messages and cosmic guidance for magnetizing new realities and timelines in quantum shifts that expand every area of your human experience here and now. We are talking friends, lovers, family, jobs, locations, souls calling, souls calling, personal gifts and more!

By moving beyond the thinking mind and into our cellular connection, we not only clearly hear the messages of co-creation that our guides and higher self have always been sending us, but we also begin to open up the pathway to releasing limitation mindsets, traumas and the deep layers of cultural programming with ease and joy. We begin to differentiate our intuitive "hits" and messages from the conditioned control and fear reactions that we have normalized in our lives. We begin to take the brakes off. We rediscover our greatest tool in manifestation and abundance for living in our souls purpose and passion. It is US! And then, we create miracles in every area of our lives!

"That was amazing.  I felt so light!"

"Wonderful workshop!  Thank you again you bright light!"

"Take away is trusting myself MORE!"

*This workshop is part of Module 1 of the Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course

DNA Light Code Activation Meditation

This 30-minute guided meditation and hypnotherapy track is designed to support you in remembering, reactivating and reigniting your innate healing potential, intuitive wisdom and Source Energy within your cells.  It is an intentional guide into a flow state where you have the power to access your birthright of creation energy and powerful Light Codes within your cells, as well as create immediate physiological shifts that result in a states of greater vibrancy, health and holistic wellness. 

Guided meditation is a direct access point to transforming limited thought patterns into what has always been underneath, our true souls path, passion and purpose, which is where we can beautifully access our creating energy, innate wisdom and miraculous abilities in manifestation and robust abundance from alignment.

*This track is included as a bonus in the Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course*
To hear a sample go to The DNA Light Code Activation Meditation Clip

Praise for The DNA Light Code Activation Meditation:

"It's such a simple thing!
Step 1 - listen to meditation
Step 2 - have more clarity, insight and recharged energy!
I don't know why I dragged my feet for so long.  My intuition is LOUD and CLEAR right now and I have your meditation to thank."
Holly A

"Even when I'm not listening to the meditation, I have the music replaying in my head and I've been on a constant cloud for a week.  Drama free and wayyyyy more productive because my mentality is in check.  I seriously can't believe how simple yet powerful and effective your meditation is!"
Leslie R.

"It's pretty amazing how much more powerful and pristine the meditation gets after each time I do it.  I've done it about seven times now and the best way I can describe it is that the intentions and actions are clear, efficient and turned up in power."
Emily H.

Affirmations for Alignment and Abundance Meditation

This is a powerful 13-minute affirmations track made to activate your innate potential from deep within your cells, to remind you of your divine purpose on this Earth and to dismantle limited programming that has prevailed for far too long.  Affirmations have long been known to be the gateway into the law of attraction and manifestation and out of the dangerous limiting and scarcity programming we receive through media, relationships and culture.  It is essential to create a practice to disrupt that messaging and replace it with limitless, abundant and vibrant messages!  This is how we create and magnetize robust health, joy and enlivened living, no matter what is happening around us.  It's beyond time to shine your light in it's full vibrancy. Love. Studies have shown that it takes 60-67 days to reprogram negative or limiting thoughts so stay committed! Push play and feel beautiful shifts every single day.

*This track is included as a bonus in the Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course*
*To hear a sample of this trick click here Affirmations for Alignment and Abundance*

I think I just levitated!

Sarah C.

I just want to say thank you, Lori. The Affirmations Download helped me so much to get out of my head and into my heart space and into my energetic being and it brought me peace and just really allowed me to take the deep breath that I needed and it was really powerful!
Jamie C.

Damn girl, I'm loving your Affirmations Meditation.  I listened to it walking through the forest today.  So peaceful, centering and up-lifting.
Cara R.

I have been practicing the Affirmations track for over a week now and I'm amazed at the shifts I have experienced in this short amount of time.  Much love!
Jenny L.

Cosmic Consciousness Meditation

This 26-minute journey into your multi-dimensional ascension can offer deep connections with your ancestors, your angels and your cosmic support guides.  It offers a simple, yet profound point of connection within yourself that has always been there, but may have been repressed from the external chaos and noise that can infiltrate our energy.  When we intentionally make ourselves available, push play and release the mind control, we offer ourselves infinite possibilities within an internal navigation and sensory system that is our conduit for the Divine.  When you become so wildly present with yourself and your embodied consciousness, you are the portal for the incoming communications, messages and connections.  It is not out there.  It is right here.  It is you. 

As with anything that we do, we get better with practice.  The ability to receive cosmic communication is inherently within us all.  I have made this meditation as an access point for you to re-member and re-activate your ability to get quiet, get clear and listen with your soul and release the judgement of past experience!

*This track is included as a bonus in the Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course*
*To hear a sample of this track go to Cosmic Consciousness Meditation Clip*

"That meditation was so beautiful, I never wanted it to end!"
Jill C.

"It's like the more I play it, the quicker I start to experience bigger spaces in this guided journey.  I literally cannot wait to listen every single day.  Thank you for such a joyful daily experience along with the most affordable price tag I've ever seen!"
Carrie W.

FREE Heart Activation Meditation

A 25-minute journey into the depths of your heart center, spaces and full light activation.  Move through a guided journey where you release the seeds of creation and life force energy from the full love frequency that you are in your heart of hearts out into the world.

We are in the biggest changing landscape that humanity has ever experienced and it is all fueled by our HEARTS, the LIGHT and our embodied ascension!  The love frequency and photonic light that emanates out from us becomes the world and culture around us.  Every time we drop into deeper states of accelerated light through our integrated human reality, we affect deeper change on a mega-dimensional level.  YOU are have an integral part to play in the oncoming new earth awakening as a light seeker and master.  I am honored to be doing it with you.

I know you will move the needle with this gentle and powerful guidance into the flame that burns brightly in your heart.

"I just wanted to say how much I love the Heart Activation Meditation!! I was tired after a very busy day at work today and now I feel awake and revitalized. But the amazing thing is that I know that if I do this at night, I will fall asleep quickly and sleep very well. It's in the choice at the moment and what ever I need will come, energy or restful sleep.Great work! Also, the music is so beautiful and your voice sweet and calming.Thanks so much for this, I will have no trouble finding the time to practice. Blessed Be!"
Kristin P.

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