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DNA Light Code Activation Meditation

This meditation is an intentional guide into a flow state where you have the power to access your birthright of creation energy and powerful Light Codes within your cells, as well as create immediate physiological shifts that result in a states of greater vibrancy, health and holistic wellness. 

Guided meditation is a direct access point to transforming limited thought patterns into what has always been underneath, our true souls path, passion and purpose, which is where we can beautifully access our creating energy, innate wisdom and miraculous abilities in manifestation and robust abundance from alignment.

*This track is included as a bonus in the Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course*
To hear a sample go to The DNA Light Code Activation Meditation Clip

Praise for The DNA Light Code Activation Meditation:

"It's such a simple thing!
Step 1 - listen to meditation
Step 2 - have more clarity, insight and recharged energy!
I don't know why I dragged my feet for so long.  My intuition is LOUD and CLEAR right now and I have your meditation to thank."
Holly A

"Even when I'm not listening to the meditation, I have the music replaying in my head and I've been on a constant cloud for a week.  Drama free and wayyyyy more productive because my mentality is in check.  I seriously can't believe how simple yet powerful and effective your meditation is!"
Leslie R.

"It's pretty amazing how much more powerful and pristine the meditation gets after each time I do it.  I've done it about seven times now and the best way I can describe it is that the intentions and actions are clear, efficient and turned up in power."
Emily H.

This 30-minute guided meditation and/or hypnosis is designed to support you in remembering, reactivating and reigniting your innate healing potential, intuitive wisdom and Source Energy within your cells.  With the help of my own soul support team, I have created an intentional guide into a flow state where you have the power to access your birthright of creation energy and powerful Light Codes within your cells.  Hypnosis is defined as the saturation (repetition) of the brain and central nervous system with a positive thought or visualization until it is accepted as reality.  When introduced in a relaxed state, it is accepted quicker and deeper as a result.  The suggestions in this track are all potentials and abilities we came into our human bodies with, but may have been learned out of us through cultural bias and programming, intergenerational trauma and individual wounding and trauma.  I have created an invitation for you to awaken your life force through deep recollection of your full embodied essence by fully activating and awakening your alignment, ascension and DNA. 

Just some of the immediate and lasting benefits may include
deep, restful and healing sleep states
DNA awakening and activation
nervous system recalibration

stress disruption
pain and symptom reduction
cell detoxification
health vibrancy and resilience
centering and grounding
shifts in anxiety and/or fear states
feelings of happiness and joy
accelerated states of multi-dimensional existence

This track is highly effective when used as a continual practice or it could be a starting off point to take your personal growth practice into new dimensions and higher states of consciousness.  I hope you move through deep, profound and lasting shifts that enhance your human experience through this gift from my heart to yours.  

Check out how others have already benefited from adding the DNA Light Code Activation Meditation into their practice!

Early praise for the DNA Light Code Activation Meditation:

"That DNA Light Code Meditation was so powerful!  It took me to a deep place of relaxation that was hard to come back from.  I felt like it was reprogramming me on a deep level.  Thank you for putting it out there!"  Amy R.

"I listened to it twice last night and fell asleep both times! This morning I went for a pain-free walk for the first time in a long time so I listened again and fell asleep!"  Mary R.

"The meditation was so good that I fell asleep and slept so well!  I do remember shooting tons of light out of my crown, though!  I loved walking down the stairs, too."  Daria M.

"I just got done with it for my second good!  I absolutely loved the ending.  It seems I drifted last night after the DNA visualizations.  Thank you for this powerful activation!"  Sarah C

This track does not replace medical advice and/or treatment.

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