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Welcome to a space for fully embodied ascension, where we will be opening our cells and rediscovering the living library of creation energy and knowledge that we came into these bodies with.
Your body is the key to the Akashic Records, Transcendence, Alignment and Enlightenment.  It's time to tap in, Loves.

Your life will not change without your full participation in it

Invest your time
Invest your money
Invest your energy
Co-create with a benevolent Universe that is ready and waiting

To live in more joy, ease and flow!
To magnetize the vibration of your purpose, your dreams, your potential in this life

The magic you will receive inside of this intentional monthly container...

  • Evolutionary and Quantum Healing Guidance
  • Intuitive and Oracle Monthly Messages
  • Astrology Energy Overview
  • Ritual Practices
  • Emotional Flow
  • Guided Meditations
  • Breath Work
  • Alignment Support
  • BONUS Energy Portal Activations
  • New and Full Moon Ceremonies
  • Astral and Cosmic Connections
  • Sacred Supportive Circle and Group Energy
  • Higher Consciousness Practices and Commitment
  • Disrupt Limited and Scarcity Belief Systems and Mindsets
  • Personal Sovereignty Development & Foundation
  • Laughter
  • Passion
  • Creation energy
  • Play
  • A Continual Elevation into Multi-Dimensional Living
  • The Wild Heart Ones Private Facebook Group for Exchange, Support and Resonance
  • A whole lot of fun along the way!

To learn even more about this container and about your guide, Lori Reising, click here The Wild Heart Ones Monthly Membership Circle

33 Modules

BONUS MODULE, Embodied Consciousness Workshop

BONUS MODULE Earth Grounding Breath Meditation

BONUS MEDITATION! Singing Bowl Meditation

BONUS MODULE - Light Body Activation Meditation

BONUS MODULE, Heart Activation Meditation

BONUS TALK, Am I In Shadow Work Or Am I Wallowing?

BONUS MODULE, Healing Light Bubble Guidance, Audio Download

2/22/22 Palindrome Energy Portland Activation Event REPLAY!

Here is your first bonus event for the 2/22/22 Palindrome Energy Portal Activation!

REPLAY! 3/15/22 Embodiment, Dynamic Motion and Integration Class!

Click on the lesson for access, grab your workout shoes or your creation energy, water and imagination and join in for some healing movement and elevation together!

3/20/22 REPLAY Spring Equinox Bonus Event

4/19/22 REPLAY, April Dynamic Motion and Embodiment Class

4/20/22 REPLAY, Dynamic Motion and Integration PART 2!

5/3/22 REPLAY, May Energies and Integrations Call

5/16/22 REPLAY, Scorpio Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Ceremony

2/28/22 REPLAY, Leo New Moon Cacao Ceremony

REPLAY, Aquarius Full Supermoon Ceremony 8/11/22

REPLAY, Pisces Full Moon Cacao Ceremony 9-10-22

REPLAY, Libra New Moon Ceremony 9/25/22

REPLAY, Scorpio Solar Eclipse Ceremony, 10/24/22

REPLAY, Sagittarius New Moon Transformational Ceremony, 11/23/22

REPLAY, Leo Full Moon Transformational Circle, 2/5/23

REPLAY, Spring Equinox Extravaganza!, 3/20/23

Modules for this offering 33
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