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FREE Affirmations for Alignment and Abundance Meditation

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Affirmations have long been known to be the gateway into the law of attraction and manifestation and out of the dangerous limiting and scarcity programming we receive through media, relationships and culture.  It is essential to create a practice to disrupt that messaging and replace it with limitless, abundant and vibrant messages! 

This is how we create and magnetize robust health, joy and enlivened living, no matter what is happening around us.  It's beyond time to shine your light in it's full vibrancy. Love. 

*To hear a sample of this track click here Affirmations for Alignment and Abundance*

"I just want to say thank you, Lori. The Affirmations Download helped me so much to get out of my head and into my heart space and into my energetic being and it brought me peace and just really allowed me to take the deep breath that I needed and it was really powerful!"
Jamie C.

"I think I just levitated!"
Sarah C.

"I have been practicing the Affirmations track for over a week now and I'm amazed at the shifts I have experienced in this short amount of time.  Much love!"
Jenny L.

"Damn girl, I'm loving your Affirmations Meditation.  I listened to it walking through the forest today.  So peaceful, centering and up-lifting."
Cara R.

Are you ready to be the creator of your reality?

Are you ready to manifest with a benevolent universe?

It's time to know deep within your cells that you are an infinite being of Light and you are here to do powerful things, dear one.  Studies show that it takes 60-67 days to disrupt and replace limiting thoughts and beliefs.  When you commit to an intentional practice, you will disrupt negative subconscious thought patterns and dramatically elevate your experience by replacing them with the creation energy that magnetizes high frequency mindsets, belief systems and possibilities into your world.  But don't just listen!  Become the person who believes every word deeply in your cells.  See yourself living your life from the foundation these affirmations offer.  This is the Law of Resonance.  The Universe will reflect to you who you are being!

The Affirmations for Alignment and Abundance was created to guide you back to what your cells know deep within.  Buy the track, push play, be available.

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