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Awaken Your Fire COSTA RICA RETREAT 2025

This may be the most intimate week of your life that changes everything.
Are you ready for your (r)evolution beautiful one??

✨The Spiritual Awakening and New Earth Energies are undeniable, from the Schumann Resonance to the light flares and coronal mass ejections to the energies of the Age of Aquarius. ~
✨ We are sensing, experiencing and integrating multidimensionality in historical waves.
✨ We have been moving through deep change personally and collectively. 
✨ We have a tremendous opportunity to harness these energies and move into alignment and flow.  We hold the full access point through our body, through our cells and from flow.
✨ How do we work with them and release the programmed belief systems that have been creating enormous limitation, sacrifice, fear and resistance? 
✨ How do we make deep connections for our highest good and guidance from our higher consciousness, guides and star beings?
✨ How do we live in our full divine calling and co-creation with a Universal Source Energy from trust and intention?
✨ By gathering, by sitting in ceremony and being deeply present, by destroying the programming and conditioning, by transforming our karma and trauma through full divine presence and embodiment, by living in cellular activation, by becoming deeply intimate and authentic with our full experience, by learning to unlearn and by Awakening Our Fire Within. Get ready for a transformation that you have always been moving toward!


Con Smania Retreat Center
Samara, Costa Rica
January 22nd - 29th, 2025
8 days, 7 nights (full week immersion + integration for lasting ascension)

ALL INCLUSIVE with the exception of airfare, travel insurance, optional wellness add-ons and gratuity.
Traditional Temazcal with a local shaman for deepening option included! 
This is the time for the phoenix to rise 🔥

For more details on this divine opportunity visit Awaken Your Fire Retreat Experience

If you have questions, send me a message at

If you would like to pay in full without the credit card processing fee, Venmo, Cashapp and Zelle payment is available! 
Email me at

Single Room - $4426
Shared Bathroom - $4152
Shared Room - $3879

Watch your email inbox for a welcome email from me with more details about the profound journey you just choose for your experience.  This is a galactic investment in the infinite possibilities that are ready for you.  Congratulations!  And I can't wait to do this with YOU.

Get ready for a transformation that you have always been moving toward!

"Wow, whoah, wtf!?  I knew I was going to have a good experience at this retreat and also had no idea what was really in store.  I'm overwhelmed with your passion, connection to the divine, talent at leading a group and designing an experience.  It has truly been life changing, cell upgrading!  I will forever be grateful to you for opening my eyes in so many ways, being such an amazing and safe support on this journey!"
Leah S.

"You are EXACTLY the piece of the puzzle I have been missing in my life, in my personal development, in finding a way to create something tangible that has never existed, especially as it relates to grief held within the body."
Kara M.

"You, my friend, are PURE JOY! Throughout this entire workshop retreat I have felt like you have been speaking DIRECTLY to me! I have not been able to embody much at all for MOST of my life because I have been cerebrally conditioned my WHOLE life. You are EXACTLY the guide my soul needs and has needed for a very long time that my mind never even knew I needed. EVERY TIME you speak or lead an activity, I find myself inside screaming, “YES!!!!!”
Amy B.

Burn the limitations down to light your fire up!

An advanced psychic strengthening, channeling, core wound transformation and multidimensional ascension retreat experience for women who know without a doubt that this is the time for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes through the deepest wells of transformation...

January 22nd - January 29th, 2025!
8 days, 7 nights
ALL INCLUSIVE with the exception of airfare, travel insurance, extracurriculars and gratuities
Traditional Temazcal Sweat Ceremony with a local shaman bonus option included in price!

You grab your airfare and travel insurance, then get ready for the rest to unfold beautifully for your ultimate ascension experience.  This is an intimate and wildly intentional container that is being cultivated for full light-body activation. These are the new earth skills to master so you can move boldly out of the survive energy and into the thrive experience and light expansion while the world continues through dramatic changes.  We are talking intentional ceremony, astral travel under the stars, cellular upgrade with body unwinding, intimacy, New Earth light work, sound bowl healing, vocal attunement, yoga/mat integration, dance, joy, embodiment, energy integration, ritual, sacred circle connection, trauma transformation, a Todos Santos or swim beach excursion, raw ocean vibrations, psychic strengthening and SO MUCH MORE.  

We will gather in the Blue Zone rainforest energy of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica for deep healing spaces and new growth of our manifestation. We will connect with our guides and strengthen those supports. There is so much to share. Head on over to check out more retreat yum and the intentional location of Costa Rica.

All that I am curating for us will not only awaken our fire, it will solidify our innate ability to live in a fire that is waiting to burn bright within us while the systems around us go through the chaos for rebirth!

For more AMAZING details OR to book a FREE 30-minute exploration call with me visit Awaken Your Fire Retreat

For questions, send me a message at

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Due to the amount of time, costs, effort and planning in creating this sacred container and space, refunds are not available.  If there is an unforeseen reason that you can no longer attend the retreat on January 22nd, 2025, your payment is transferrable to an upcoming retreat experience within a 12 month period up until 90 days prior to the retreat date.  After 90 days prior to January 22nd, 2025 the retreat cost is not transferrable to a later date unless your space can be filled.  If you are unsure, please email me and we can explore it together. ☀️ 

We emphatically recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers all possibilities for peace of mind if something unforeseen comes up and we hold beautiful light around all divinely unfolding according to plan. ✨

* You will need a passport that does not expire within 6 months of the retreat for entrance into Costa Rica * 

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