The Spiritual Awakening and New Earth Energies are undeniable, from the Schumann Resonance to the light flares and coronal mass ejections to the energies of the Age of Aquarius. 

We are sensing, experiencing and integrating multidimensionality in historical waves.

We have been moving through deep change personally and collectively. 
We have a tremendous opportunity to harness these energies and move into alignment and flow.  We hold the full access point through our body, through our cells and from flow.

How do we work with them and release the programmed belief systems that have been creating enormous limitation, sacrifice, fear and resistance? 
How do we make deep connections for our highest good and guidance from our higher consciousness, guides and star beings?
How do we live in our full divine calling and co-creation with a Universal Source Energy from trust and intention?
By gathering, by sitting in ceremony and being deeply present, by destroying the programming and conditioning, by transforming our karma and trauma, by living in cellular activation, by becoming deeply intimate and authentic with our full experience, by learning to unlearn and by

Awakening Our Fire Within.

Get ready for a transformation that you have always been moving toward!

January 26th - 31st, 2023
Pachamama Mexico Eco-Luxury Retreat Space
Moving from the first New Moon of the new calendar year!
6 days, 5 nights
ALL INCLUSIVE with the exception of airfare
Sweat ceremony bonus option!

For more AMAZING details visit Awaken Your Fire Mexico Retreat 

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 Awaken Your Fire Mexico Retreat
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