Soul Biz Streamlined Live Online Course Coming In May!

We Are No Longer Thinking About Who We Want To Be, We Are Reawakening Who We Came To Be!

Lori Reising is a sought-after Conscious Thought Leader with a flare for delivering evolutionary truths with humor, vulnerability and deep passion. 

As a Transformational Keynote Speaker, Star Channel and Multidimensional Integration Guide she activates your cellular remembrance and healing with passion, compassion and a no BS punch.  She also offers personal online Intuitive Medium, Astrology & Akashic Records Readings, which allow her to work with people worldwide.  Her membership community, digital courses, meditations and downloads are life-changing on a quantum leaping level.  Lori also offers a unique retreat opportunity in several locations throughout the year. By combining a safe space to connect with others on a path of discovery where we peel back the strongholds of trauma and fear-based cultural programming held in the body, along with guidance back to your intuitive and innately wise self through sacred ceremony, ritual, embodiment, psychic strengthening, meditation guidance, astral connection, cellular trauma unwinding/upgrading, pelvic bowl power and reverence, self-care techniques, dynamic flow integration and higher consciousness channeled messages, she has created an utterly transformative week that will take your life in directions you may not have ever thought (and most importantly believed) possible!

Available Offerings

Soul Biz Streamlined LIVE Digital Course

Soul Biz Streamlined is a comprehensive and realistic LIVE digital course for building your soul business with the rhythms of the Universe, the passion of your spirit and the 3D earth reality of how to do ALL the bits with greater ease, confidence, technical clarity and less figuring it all out.
🔆 May 16th, 2023 - June 13th, 2023 🔆

Awaken Your Fire MEXICO RETREAT 2024

Awaken Your Fire is a week-long sacred immersion for women who are ready to rise their Phoenix from the ashes of a suppressed and traumatized lineage into the infinite light that they are here to shine!

February 20th - 26th,  2024

The Wild Heart Ones Circle Monthly Membership

Welcome to a new level of soul-inspired quantum leaps with a
monthly membership  that guides you through the wild, magical ride of this human journey into who it is that you came here to be.  

    ✨ Astrology & Akashic Records Personal Readings

    Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or curious about the infinite potential and possibility awaiting you in your life?
    If it’s a yes or even if it’s a maybe, now is the time to make the investment in yourself with a Psychic Medium, Astrology and Akashic Records reading.

    Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course

    A 6-module immersive experience where you will reawaken your creation energy, your innate wisdom, your healing potential and your power to awaken your life force and live in this human experience from a place of joy and evolution
    Bonuses take you further, deeper and through the veil ✨

    Embodied Consciousness Workshop

    How would it feel to not only be in tune with your innate body consciousness and guidance (that is always interacting with you in your highest good), but to easily accept and respond to those messages for more joy and ease in your human journey!?

    DNA Light Code Activation Meditation

    This 30-minute guided meditation and hypnotherapy track is designed to support you in remembering, reactivating and reigniting your innate healing potential, intuitive wisdom and Source Energy within your cells.  

    Affirmations for Alignment and Abundance Meditation

    This is a powerful 13-minute affirmations track made to activate your innate potential from deep within your cells, to remind you of your divine purpose on this Earth and to dismantle limited programming that has prevailed for far too long. 

    Cosmic Consciousness Meditation

    This 26-minute journey into your multi-dimensional ascension can offer deep connections with your ancestors, your angels and your cosmic support guides.  It offers a simple, yet profound point of connection within yourself that has always been there, but may have been repressed from the external chaos and noise that can infiltrate our energy. 

    FREE Heart Activation Meditation

    A 25-minute journey into the depths of your heart center, spaces and full light activation.  Move through a guided journey where you release the seeds of creation and life force energy from the full love frequency found in your beautiful heart.

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